Drs. Anderson, Bland and Wright giving lectures at New Mexico State Conference, Oct. 6-8, 2017.

Drs. Spencer, Anderson and Wright did a new total ankle joint implant cadaver workshop.  Integra total ankle arthroplasty surgery, Sept. 18, 2017


Drs. Anderson and Bland with AFLESR posters at the ACFAS Conference in Las Vegas, February 27 – March 2

Amanda Wallace receives an award for academic achievement and shadows Dr. Spencer in the clinic

Drs. Anderson, Spencer and Bland participate in a cadaver workshop in January, 2017

Dr. Anderson proctored a workshop to ensure that surgeons were performing Total Ankle Replacements (TAR) correctly as he is recognized as an expert in ankle surgery on November 11, 2016. Dr. Anderson was asked to review patient charts, Cat Scan images, X-Rays, and labs pre- and post-operatively and evaluate the outcomes. Dr. Anderson monitored and evaluated several surgeons performing their first several TAR and ensure that their training is effective. TAR surgeries may only be performed by select surgeons with specific training and qualifications because of the complexity of the TAR surgery. Dr. Anderson was the first to perform Total Ankle Joint Replacement in Las Cruces, Alamogordo and in Southern New Mexico.
Dr. Anderson lecturing and presenting on the most current topics in ankle surgery in the 25 Top Foot, Ankle and Leg Surgeons in the United States conference in September, 2016.

Awards Ceremony AFLESR 2016 Fellowship Conference in Chanute, Kansas

Doctors and Staff run in the No Child Wet Behind Fun Run on May 21, 2016

Drs. Anderson, Spencer and Tee lecture at Midwestern Medical School in Arizona on April 22, 2016

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Tee visit Des Moines University Medical School in Iowa on March 21, 2016

Fun Run with the Doctors on February 27, 2016

ACFAS conference in Austin, Tx on February 10-13, 2016

State Conference Meeting in Albuquerque on January 29 and 30, 2016

Ankle Replacement Lab on January 21, 2016

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