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The American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery and Research is sponsored by companies through donation of funds, equipment and/or time. The sponsors do not affect the outcomes in of any study performed by the foundation in any way. Their sponsorship is for education and the benefit of the foundation and the patients of the practices.
Disclosure (Currently under review, April 2017)
The American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery and Research and the New Mexico Bone & Joint Institute (NMB&J) and its Physicians and Surgeons, have been active in education and research including teaching Medical/Nursing/PA students, Resident Physicians, Fellows and Physical Therapist. The surgeons of NMB&J involved in advising and development of implants and improved surgical instruments and techniques. In addition, NMB&J doctors have given instructional lectures on implants, surgical and rehabilitation techniques, outcome studies, and serve as experts in their field on a National and International level to other doctors and medical personnel.
As part of this work, at times, doctors have worked under contract with orthopaedic companies, providing consulting services on new products and input on research and development. NMB&J doctors have invested in Surgery, Imaging, and Pharmacy services and given lectures on our protocols to medical and surgical personnel. In return for this time and expertise, NMB&J doctors and staff has/may in the future be paid consulting fees, distributions, royalties, research grant funding, and educational grant funding.
During the year ending December 2014, NMB&J doctors may have received something of financial value from: Wright Medical Technologies, Tornier, Rx Pro Pharmacy, Pro Rx Pharmacy, Xpress Scripts Pharmacy, Presbyterian Health Care, Southern New Mexico Surgery Center, NuTech, RENOVIS, SYNTHES, Lincoln County Medical Center, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Workers Compensation Fund of New Mexico, and New Mexico Medical Society, American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, Bellevue Pharmacy, Cubist Pharmaceutical, Stryker, OrthoHelix, Trilliant Surgical, OrthoPro, BioMet, Vista Orthopedics, Alliance, and Arthrex. Each of these companies/corporations has disclosed their involvement the NMB&J Physicians as appropriate.
Our doctors use products and prescribe or recommend services from these companies or entities in the care of patients, and also use similar products from other companies and implant manufacturers. The selection of which product to use or prescribe is based only on what is best for a patient, not on which company makes the product.
NMB&J doctors are members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine Societies, which holds its members to high ethical standards to ensure that even the appearance of a conflict of interest does not jeopardize the trust that patients place in our doctors. AAOS/ACFAS has adopted Standards of Professionalism that require surgeon members to identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest to our patients, the public, and colleagues. These Standards also clearly articulate how and under what circumstances members may work with and be compensated by industry, as well as the penalties for failure to comply. You can learn more about these Standards of Professionalism at websites:

It is important to our office that you are aware of these financial relationships with manufactures and service providers, that our office puts the interests of patients first, and that we are available to answer any questions that you may have.
In addition, because NMB&J doctors are active in education and research including teaching, our doctors often travel out of town to fulfill various medical education and research obligations. It is possible that after you receive care from a NMB&J doctor, your doctor may be out of town if or when you require additional or emergency care. It is important to our office that you are aware that NMB&J doctors frequently travel, and also function as a team, so when your doctor is out of town, coverage from one of our other doctors will be available.
NMB&J Physicians work with an unrelated institution, American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery & Research (AFLESR). AFLESR is a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 Organization, which is registered with the Federal Government. AFLESR provides funding and sponsorship for education and research. This funding is for college scholarships, research grants, educational seminars, instructing cadaver labs for other surgeons, outcome studies and publications. Funding is also used for teaching of medical students, residents, fellows and practicing surgeons. Medical missions, both National and International, are made possible through funding through AFLESR. Some members of NMB&J also serve on the educational and research board of AFLESR.
Disclosure Statement
Updated June, 2015

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